What is Ideas & Beers?

A community for people who are interested in self-development, discussing interesting topics, and who want to meet others like them, so they can learn and grow together.

Ideas & Beers was founded in March 2019 by Ryan Stephens, Jordan Thomas, and Cameron Steer - with the intention of fostering an environment where like-minded people can meet others and discuss things they might not be able to do so well with their family or friendship groups.

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How can Ideas & Beers benefit you?

  • Meet new people & make connections


  • Meet people who are interested in self-development/business/career progression/alternative conversations


  • Discuss meaningful topics and gain insights to help you grow

  • Work on personal or professional projects with the help of others


  • Discover solutions to issues or problems you are facing in your personal life or career/business with the help of others


  • Discuss and discover ways to increase and better your skillset, mindset, physical and mental health and many more things.


Get Involved

Community Meet-ups

(Topics covered: Personal Growth, Business, Career & more)

Every other Wednesday (2 per month)

Founders & Co, Wind Street, Swansea.

£7 per meet (Non-Members)


(Includes all meet-ups) (Cancel Anytime)

2 x Meet-ups 

£10 per month