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Challenging people to become better.

Mindset, Well-Being & Fitness Mentoring.

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Meet Ryan.

Hi, I’m Ryan Stephens


I’m a Mindset & Accountability Coach based in Swansea, Wales, UK.


My mission is to positively impact the lives of 10 million people through my support and content. For as long as I remember; I have always loved helping other people and found that it brings me joy knowing that someone is better off from my words or actions.


This is what brought me to become a Mindset & Accountability Coach......



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Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching is centered around helping you excel in various areas of your life and become better today than you were yesterday.

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Accountability Coaching

If you want to integrate new healthy habits or work towards achieving things in your life, except you’re missing that little kick up the backside, then Accountability Coaching might be worth considering.

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Corporate Coaching

Are you looking to skyrocket your organisations’ performance and mental wellbeing?

Corporate Coaching can consist of 1-2-1 sessions, group sessions or a mixture of both. 

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Workshops / Events

Get in touch if you're looking for Ryan to deliver a workshop, or if you have enquiries about any upcoming workshops run by Ryan or one he's involved in. 

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Public Speaking

If your organisation or business would like to book Ryan to deliver a talk at an event or to staff/clients/students - enquire here.

What People Say


If you’ve hit a plateau in life and you feel like things are a little mundane and you’re in need of a blast of energy and positivity, then you need to get in touch with Ryan.

Quick heads up though, he lives a life at a pace of 110mph. Don’t be daunted by this, it’s just one of the many amazing traits this man has


“Ryan’s zest for living every moment of life is infectious. His commitment to pushing past limiting beliefs and creating a life of joy is inspiring.

Thanks to Ryan’s support I am pushing past mental barriers, dipping in the sea and running barefoot in winter temperatures”.


Through Ryan’s positivity, enthusiasm and energy, he has inspired me to get out my comfort zone more often and achieve things, which make me feel fulfilled and excited to live the life I’ve always wanted.

Ryan helped me identify personal goals that I want to achieve and helped make me accountable for those goals.


I don't think Ryan knows to the extent he has helped me, especially by setting up and organising a sea dipping group with such good people and good energy.

I'd say for anyone to work with him and see for yourself how passionate and driven he is, it rubs off on you and make you want to be better in whatever you do in your own life.


Ryan is a genuinely amazing accountability coach. You can tell that he really wants you to get as much value as possible from every single session!

Not only does he have so many different techniques up his sleeve to help you manage your life better, but he’s also amazing at devising creative strategies to help you approach your unique goals and life ambitions.






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